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Are you an artist looking for the perfect organizer for your tools? Then this Canvas Pencil Roll Casecould be the one for you. This roll-up canvas bag is made of durable canvas to ensure that it will give you the quality that you deserve. It has separate pouches to store your painting brushes and its roll-up design makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


  • Made of high quality canvas material,
  • Total of 22 different size jacks, you can put the brush, scraper, utility knife and other painting supplies, so that the paintbrush is no longer mess.
  • Double - row pen hole, can accommodate more paintbrush, canvas fabric solid, and durable.
  • Use for install Painting brushes, tidy accommodated, can be rolled up, convenient and durable, easy to carry.


  • Size: About 41 * 33cm
  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Army Green

Package includes:

1 x Roll Up canvas paint brush bag




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Artistic Pod review

payment methods

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